Marrakech villa rental
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Breakfasts, Meals and Cook's Service
Le domaine des Jardins de Touhina vous propose plusieurs options pour votre restauration ainsi que pour la préparation de vos repas.

Breakfasts are included with any villa rental.
They are prepared and served in the villa by your housekeeper every morning from 8:30 am.
It is also possible to order a breakfast at the clubhouse from 9:30 am, by booking in advance with your housekeeper or directly at the reception.

Breakfast content:
breakfast is composed of: Squeezed orange juice, Mint tea, Coffee, Milk chocolate, Milk, Toast, Moroccan pancakes: Msem'n and Beghrir, Butter, Jam, Honey.

Extra on request:We can also provide you with extras such as: Soy milk, almond or coconut, Fresh fruit, Eggs (hard, scrambled, fried, omelette), Orange juice, Cottage cheese, Yogurt, Turkey ham or others.

Breakfast at the bors of the pool in Marrakech
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Food services at the Club-House and Villas

For your lunches and dinners, we offer several options

A complete menu containing a wide variety of Moroccan and European starters, dishes and desserts is available in the welcome booklet located in your villa.
Meals are prepared, cooked and served in the villa by your housekeeper.


If you want to do your own shopping and use your own ingredients, your meals can be prepared in your villa by your housekeeper.


Naturally, each villa has its own fully equipped kitchen for your comfort, this leaves you the freedom to prepare your own meals.


A Snack / Catering area located by the large swimming pool of the club-House offers a variety of snacks such as sandwiches, Tagines, kebabs as well as various drinks and desserts to enjoy inside under the air conditioning or on a deckchair, by the large pool.

The Club House Snack is open every day from 10:00 in the morning to 18:30 and 20:00 in summer.

It is possible for people outside the estate to come and have lunch at the clubhouse on simple reservation, either at the reception or by phone.
A free shuttle is available if you wish to come and have lunch at the estate.

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