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SPA, Moroccan Hammams, Massages
SPA avec Hammams Marocains, Salles de Massage, soins du corps et du visage, espace bien être..

In order to ensure total relaxation during your stay in Marrakech,the SPA and wellness area of the Jardins de Touhina offers 3 Moroccan hammams, 3 relaxation rooms and Massages as well as a treatment room.

The SPA of a superiority of 200 square meters, is located in the clubhouse,facing the large public pool of the estate.

We welcome you every day of the week, from 10H to 18H30 and until 20H00 by appointment.
Reservations directly at the SPA, at the reception or by phone.

Touhina Gardens SPA phone: +212 (0)6 25 12 56 36.

SPA Hammam Massages Marrakech
Hammam Marrakech

3 typical Moroccan hamams,
The SPA is equipped with 3 rooms of individual hamams for more privacy Offering you various treatments.

The Hammam, literally Spring or hot water diffuses a dry heat that by producing sweating, detoxifies the body and lowers stress.

The session begins with a scrub treatment with black soap, this soap, of fairly pasty and entirely ecological consistency is mainly made of oil and olive pulp and is often scented with eucalyptus.
The body is coated with it, then rubbed energetically with a glove of "kessa", in order to remove all the dead cans and soften the skin, cleansing and then followed by deep rinsing.

Hammam Simple (30 min): 300 MAD
Soaping with black soap eucalyptus, Glove scrub, Body soaping with Moroccan artisanal shower gel.

Traditional Hammam (60 min): 450 MAD
Soaping with black soap eucalyptus, Glove scrub, Rhassoul wrap (7 plants), Body soaping with shower gel, Hair care (shamp+ After Shamp)

Hammam Royal (60 min) : 500 MAD
Soaping with black soap eucalyptus, Energetic scrub with Coffee, Wrapping with Rhasoul (7 plants), Body soaping with shower gel, Hair care (shamp + After Shamp)

Moroccan Hammam black soap

3 Wellness rooms and individual massages.
Our beauticians offer you a panel of different types of massages according to your needs and desires.
Relaxing massage for relaxation assured during your holidays in Marrakech or more tonic massages for recovery and muscle relaxation.

Tanning Oil Massage, Argan Oil Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Californian Massage, Relaxing Massage and Relaxing 4-Hand Massage, Slimming Massage, Draining Massage, Back Massage, Foot, Hand and Head Massage as well as Scented Candle Massages from our service provider "Les Sens de Marrakech".

Massage Holidays Marrakech
Body and face care Marrakech

Our qualified beauticians offer you a list of services to take care of your body.

-Dry Skin & Very Dry : Date Extract & Hyaluronic Acid: Scrub + Nourishing Mask + Cream + Fresh Emulsion (50 min)
– Sensitive Skin & Dry (50 min): Aloe Vera & Pryry pear: Pure Melting Scrub + Soothing Mask + Cream creams (50 min) – Mixed skin &
Fat: Ginger & Tea tree: Melting scrub + Purifying mask + Peel Off mask with Rhassoul + Gel

Classic manicure, Beauty of the hands, Paraffin Bath Hands, Varnish Pose, French Pose, Decorative Pose.

Classic pedicure, Beauty of the feet, Bath of Paraffin Feet, Pose French, Pose deco

Hair removal.

Marrakech Beauty Center

Spa reservation of the Gardens of Touhina
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